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Kwadzo Sheldon partner pepsodent Ghana to donate to his alma mater Pepease Presbyterian Basic school

 Kwadzo Sheldon collaborated with Pepsodent Ghana to provide the students at his Alma Mater, Pepease Presby Basic School, with complimentary dental screenings. 

They also contributed 500 exercise books and several cartons of Cowbell products to support their educational needs. 

In a further attempt to enhance the school's facilities, he have pledged to construct new restroom facilities for the benefit of the students and staff. 

This initiative showcases their commitment to giving back to the community and supporting the educational development of the school. 

Through this partnership, they aim to promote dental health awareness, academic excellence, and improved infrastructure within the school. Kwadzo Sheldon mentioned that it "is a privilege to be able to contribute to the growth and well-being of the students at Pepease Presby Basic School, and we look forward to continuing our support in the future." 

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