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On my right hand is a scar - I see it every day and it brings bittersweet memories


Many years ago, as a new hire at Allstates Trust Bank, I was asked by my boss to work on a credit analysis for a corporate customer.  The assignment was due at 8:00 a.m. the next day; there was no option but to deliver.  It meant that I had to work on a long, detailed, demanding 40-page document overnight.


I worked late into that night, so I could finish the job.  To go home, I went to Racecourse/TBS bus stop in Lagos, where I got on a “Molue” – Lagos’s classic yellow transit bus.  I promptly slept.  When I woke, the bus had reached Jibowu, miles away from my home.


I got off immediately, but as I jumped, I cut myself badly on my hand.  I remember the blood dripping on the ground, as I made my way to the hospital to get treated.  This not so pleasant memory is a reminder of my early days in the corporate world.


This memory has stayed with me - not just the pain, the hard night, one of many hard nights or the challenges that so many young Africans have to show, but the lessons I learned – there might be difficult moments in life and business, but resilience, hard work and staying laser-focused will shape what the future will ultimately be.

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