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ADINO IS HERE - Your best MicroCredit Software.


For many years as Websoft served alot of financial institutions with I.T Services, one major loophole I personally saw with microfinances and Susu businesses was the fact that their staff (field officers) had to go to the field to do collections and bring the money and Susu card back to the office for reconciliation.

Many of them ran away with the money whenever they noticed there was a slight management crisis. 

Aside that, it created room for fraud and Mis-reporting of figures, in other cases too it made paper work tedious and field officers got tired with the double work of coming to office to re-enter transactions from books (or cards) to PC.

This loophole has ended the brilliant journey of many Finance businesses. Websoft has solved it!

Websoft has introduced ADINO, a full-fledged MicroCredit Software that puts the entire Business in your palms, it is cloud and you can access it anywhere in the World. All field officers or agents have a remote access to transact all the market and field transactions directly with the head office in real-time. 

This cuts out paperwork, susu cards, etc. Whether it is Susu collection, or Loan repayment collections, Adino makes it easy. It has many other amazing features that makes your micro-credit business so easy and smooth.

Adino is a name inspired by the Holy Bible, it means a Spear. Adino was a Chief of David's "mighty men” in 2 Samuel 23. He stood by David, led and fought battalions of enemies till David prevailed.

Let Adino fight all the frauds and loopholes that lead to leakages in your Susu or microcredit business.

Adino’s price varies depending on your package, kindly Inbox me for details or WhatsApp us on 055 463 4346 for further discussions.

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