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The 32 Seloart Square – The success and challenges.


The CEO of Seloart Group Shares the Success of Seloart in 17 years of operations.. 

Many never believed in this dream, it all started 16 year ago.

We strategically positioned Seloart to enable us raise the needed funding for this project. 

Two years ago, together with my team we launched 32 Seloart Square, it was a dream come through for me as the team lead.

Our vision is to become a household name in the sign making and metal fabricating industry.

This facility had one goal, to create an enabling environment for creativity to thrive.

We invested heavily in technology, it was the game changer.

32 Seloart Square has brought us a lot of goodwill, aside that, we have saved huge amounts on rent.

We built a system that enabled us diversify in case of any eventuality, not long, we were all hard hit by the pandemic.

We had to strategize to move the business forward, it was not a difficult task because we were adequately prepared.

We had to shut down some of our branches because they were not making profit.

We identified a problem and found a solution to it, “playing with metals” it was simple, the customer wanted creativity, quality and perfect finish, apart from sign making, metal fabrication has become another income stream for our organization, ranging from steel gate, balustrade, chairs, tables, building cladding and more. This gave birth to Seloart Home, we are working towards the official launch in the first quarter of 2022.

We had our crisis moment which nearly brought us to our knees, it was a shocker for me as the team lead but I stood my grounds, we had to close orders at some point, we succeeded in dealing with the crisis, this even made us stronger, our team has become more resolute.

2021, most eventful year for us and we are getting ready for 2022, we see greater things coming.

To my team, ahoyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

To all who in diverse ways contributed to the growth of Seloart, thank you.

Finally to all our clients, without you seloart does not exist. 

We can only get better.

Seloart Group 

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