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CEO of Caveman watches Anthony Dzamefe Narrate the processing of making Watch Straps in the Cave.

Years ago when i started selling watches, I identified another problem : People had good watches but bad leather straps. Machine made leather straps are not very durable. Instead of selling just complete watches, 

I realised that watch leather straps Seperately could be a great business. What if i learned how to make handmade straps from authentic raw leather ? I could solve this problem. The jobless me spent weeks in kantamanto working for shoe makers without pay just learning about types of leather and how to handle them. How to craft leather. 

 I started buying petty tools and books.

I started making leather straps.  Very bad ones.  It took me abt 5hours to make a pair of straps. A pair of bad useless straps. I could go a weeks indoors without seeing sunlight. Making bad useless straps.  But with each useless strap i got better.  I got closer.  The time it took to make one reduced gradually. 

This will be great business I believed.this was just one side of my bigger picture and I believed will be very lucrative if invested into. I knocked on the doors of the big men i knew.  Seeking funding. Seeking investment.  Seeking support. I got none. I lost hope in that and i came back to my work. I told myslef that nobody owes me any help. What i want to achieve , i will have to answer to myself only if i fail. No one owed me any help.  

I became quite introverted.  I found peace in solitude and work. “Friends” got tired of inviting me for programs and events and stopped. I lost lots of "friends" but I was ok with that. We are from different backgrounds. Most of these "friends"

can live comfortably even if they worked less than half as I did. For me, I can't afford to be broke. I had no option. if I don't slave myself to get the financial freedom I want, no one will give it to me. I always jokingly said “ I am in my cave working “ ( one reason the caveman name popped up) 

I had finally found a way to industrialize my artistry.  I was born with a talent of art but never got to develop that talent. Funny way how it became crucial in becoming a craftsman now. 

After many useless straps, I exported my first one. Back then I could make 3pairs of straps in a whole day. 

Fast forward.... 

Although we are Still at the setup stage, I am glad to be able to offer some employment in this.  

With insane hardwork we are making an average Ghc25,000 worth of watch straps weekly and expanding. 

After attaining world standard quality in our work We have now been exporting leather straps to the USA and other countries. 

This year we are set to open mini factories in most rural areas and offer some employment to the youth in those areas so we can intensify exportation of handmade watch leather straps to most parts of the world where we have had most demand.  

I just felt like sharing this.  Hopefully it inspires someone and even myself to be focused on their bigger picture and work towards it. Everything is possible. It just requires a bit of madness, an all-or-nothing attitude and a lot of hardwork.

May our Hustle never be in vain, he said. 

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