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Agnes Ntow holds Know Your Status seminar with the students of the UPSA

Agnes Ntow, the host of YFM’s Room Service, recently held her Know Your Status seminar with the students of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA).

The seminar is a platform that creates awareness about sexual and reproductive health through education and the promotion of safer sex practices. Accompanying Agnes to the school to educate the students was Dr. Mawuena Hafeh of Trust Mother and Child Hospital. He believes this event is “creating an improved awareness amongst younger people who may have been missed by the massive HIV/AIDS education drive a decade or more ago. This increased awareness would lead to appropriate health-seeking behavior and encourage more people to take control of their sexual health.”

An inclusion to the seminar was the option for students to participate in the on-site HIV testing done by the West African AIDS Foundation. The necessity for this inclusion according to Agnes is because “ many students I’ve spoken to opt-out of STI & HIV testing due to the fact they can’t afford it. Being able to assist with that factor and provide a safe environment for them encourages regular testing.”

The impact of this program was greatly felt by attendees as student Rachel Armah states, “initially I was only concerned about the on-site HIV testing and while I waited to test, I discovered how informative the seminar is, as much time was spent discussing all kinds of health-related issues varying from HPV, HSV, PCOS, and many more sexually transmitted infections. The Know Your Status seminar helped to broaden my scope about sexual and reproductive health.”

Students were given packages with Faytex sanitary pads and Unidus condoms in hopes to aid with healthier and safer lifestyle practices.

Previous tertiary institutions visited are Webster University, the Ghana Institute of Journalism, and Ashesi University.

Sponsors for the Know Your Status seminar are UNFPA, Ghana AIDS Commission, Faytex Products, and Unidus Condoms.

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