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Stonebwoy Is A Great Example For The Youth – Dr. Thomas Mensah

Dr. Thomas O. Mensah (born around 1950), a Ghanaian-American chemical engineer and inventor, who contributed to the development of fiber optics and nanotechnology, has lauded the Ghanaian musician for putting up a reputable image.

According to the 2015 US National Academy of Inventors Inductee, Stonebwoy (born Livingstone Etse Satekla) has demonstrated confidence and leadership that makes him unique amongst his competitors. He added that, the 5 times (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) VGMA Reggae & Dance-hall Artiste of the Year is a constant learner who challenges himself to get out of his comfort zone, and surrounds himself with smarter people, characteristics he describes to be worth the emulate.

Dr. Thomas added that, Stonebwoy demonstrates his commitment to a desired goal and is willing to invest the necessary time and effort to achieve success. He stated that, the musician doesn’t give up easily as he persevere when confronted by obstacles. He revealed that Stonebwoy posses the power to effect positive change in Africa and beyond, as his passion to succeed inspires youngsters to follow through and reach the goals they set for themselves.

In a Facebook post sighted by www.gbafrica.net, the Author and recipient of Turner’s Trumpet Award for Fiber Optics Innovation commended Stonebwoy for being a person of integrity and values who will never compromise. He added that, the Dance-hall musician will eventually reach a legendary status to be remembered in history for his benevolent activities for humanity.

Mensah worked at Air Products and Chemicals from 1980 to 1983. In 1983, Mensah joined Corning Glass Works, working in fiber optics research at Sullivan Park, New York. Researchers at Corning had previously developed optical fiber with loss below the crucial attenuation limit of 20 dB/km, but the fibers could not be manufactured at rates higher than 2 meters per second.

Mensah improved the manufacturing process through a series of innovations, raising the speed of manufacture to 20 meters per second by 1985. This made the cost of optical fiber comparable to traditional copper cables. Mensah received the Corning Glass Works Individual Outstanding Contributor Award for this work in 1985. His work ultimately raised speed of manufacture above 50 m/s.

Mensah moved to Bell laboratories in 1986, where he led a program to develop the first laser guided weapons for the US Department of Defense guided missile program. This program enabled the development of missiles that travel at the speed of sound (Mach 1).
Mensah is President and CEO of Georgia Aerospace Systems, which manufactures nano composite structures used in missiles and aircraft for the US Department of Defense.[8][9] On February 24, 2017 CBS Television News ran a segment for Black History Month featuring Dr. Mensah titled “The Engineer who Revolutionized the Internet”.

Mensah also serves on the board of a number of organizations including the AIChE National Board of Directors (1987–1990) and is a current Trustee of the Board of AIChE Foundation, and member of the board for the NASA Space Grant Consortium at Georgia Institute of Technology. Mensah was elected a Fellow US National Academy of Inventors in 2014. He is also Chairman of Entertainment Arts Research Inc, a Virtual Reality and Video Game Design Company. Since early 2016, Mensah has been working to create a “Silicon Valley of the South” in the US State of Texas.

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