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Meet Christian Dziwornu The CEO and Co-founder of Coupons Technologies

 Christian Dziwornu
Coupons Technologies is a 100% Ghanaian IT startup that focuses on B2C marketing solutions
for the hospitality, retail, food and beverage, and other industries. Our main product is
Coupons.com.gh, a web-app that helps businesses sell their products through exciting promos
and discounts. The site allows businesses to create free e-coupons for enticing discounts on
products and services which our users can redeem.

It also allows event organizers to promote free events, or give out free tickets to paid events. Businesses can create a free online listing, with detailed description of services, open hours, contacts, photos, etc. Users can view this provided information, get directions to the place, make enquiries,
rate the business, like or share with friends. Sign up is free for both businesses and users.

Christian Dziwornu is the CEO and co-founder of Coupons Technologies. a petroleum engineer
who wrote code as a hobby. he started doing these with his friends Henry Benyarko
and Antoine Mensah.

He studied in Russia where he used to love discount shopping, As a students
they always go broke, so they'll wait till winter to buy their summer clothes,
and they will buy their winter clothes in summer because that's when they're on discount.

Back in Ghana, he noticed when he drove around that some shops actually had promotions
going on once in a while, but they were mostly small, and they had no way to get some of
the info on the promos out to more people, E-coupons are quite popular in Europe.

The only question that keeps recurring is if the idea is viable in Ghana, that is, if people will be willing to use an application like this.
I think that with the reception we’ve had from the businesses signing up, it is something
that will work. We want to make shopping and having fun more affordable. And to me, the
only thing that beats discounted stuff, is free stuff.

People love discounts. And they want businesses to use discounts as a way to get more clients,
reward existing clients and to get cheap publicity. they built this platform where they can be
able to do all that. Aside personalized pages for their shops, restaurants, hotels, salons or
other places people will like to hang out, they can get the chance to interact with their
potential clients directly on the platform.

Our users on the other hand can get directions to these businesses right in the platform, and they
can also add reviews of their experience at
certain places. This is direct feedback from clients and we hope that customer service will
be improved around the country as a result of this. This is a revolutionary platform and we
hope businesses can take advantage of that.

Signing up is free for both businesses and users.
And creating coupons is also free. Places which have free events can also advertise on the
platform, and people can download tickets to these places directly on the platform.

To be the number one provider of digital couponing and ticketing solutions to Ghanaian
and Africa businesses to enable them to boost sales, retain new clients and reward customer
loyalty at the least cost possible.

To create a platform that provides businesses an opportunity to gain exposure in the digital
space, taking advantage of discounting and promotions to reach out to a wider customer base
and to enable shoppers make informed decisions about businesses based on the real value of
products and services they provide.

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