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How an Unemployed University Graduate Turned his Life Around

How an Unemployed University Graduate Turned his Life Around
If your first attempt at achieving your dream fails, try again by doing something different that works. That is exactly what Paul did!
Paul is a Software Developer and Operations Team Lead at Talamus Health, a Digital Healthcare
Platform in Ghana. He is also former Codetrain trainee developer who came from a typical Arts
He studied Political Science in the University and aimed at becoming a Lawyer.

After school, getting employed became a bit of a hurdle for him, and so, came the major turn
in his life! Paul decided to get some practical skills to supplement his degree, add value to
himself to get a job. He enrolled at Codetrain (a special school that transforms anybody to a
professional software developer and match them to opportunities) to learn Mobile App and Web

Initially, he wanted to quit because he felt coloured languages with brackets
on a dark screen was never his thing. But with persistence, perseverance, efforts and hardwork
on his side and motivation from the Codetrain team, he came out as a fully fledged professional
App Developer and got employed with one of Ghana’s leading Digital Healthcare Platforms.

Paul benefited from Codetrain’s amazing program in a lot of ways. Aside the hard skills
(HTML/CSS, JavaScript, APIs, Angular etc.), he also learnt values, how to develop his dreams,
and how to compete globally. Together with mentorship and grooming from industry experts at
Codetrain, he finally got employed.

And yes! Paul is not giving up on his advocacy dreams anytime soon, he is going back to Law
School!…and that is the Codetrain Dream! And as always….making dreams come true.

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