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Ghana’s own Daniel Owusu to take the stage at the World Innovation Summit for Education in Qatar

Ghana’s own Daniel Owusu to take the stage at the World Innovation Summit 
Daniel Owusu is the Founder and Knowledge Management Analyst of Orientation Africa, a social enterprise that aspires to help the African youth to discover, develop and make sustainable impact in their respective communities or field.

Daniel is an advocate of STEAM, a UN SDG Ambassador for West and Central Africa, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, a professional digital media practitioner, a startup ecosystem developer, design thinker, a fascinator of internet of things and overall a fourth Industrial revolution enthusiast.

Daniel’s an author of 8 books and an inventor of a board game-ORBIS. He has keen interest in Education, Youth Development, Digital transformation, Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment. He was listed among 30 under 30 Future of Ghana Pioneers.
He's continually helping the youth in Ghana and other parts of Africa develop their given potentials and becoming more self-aware for greater socioeconomic good. His mission is to transform lives and inspire change in Africa and has impacted more than 90,000 youths across Africa and some part of Europe. 

The World Innovation Summit for Education is an international initiative aimed at transforming education through innovation. WISE was established by Qatar Foundation in 2009 under the patronage of its chairperson, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser.
The WISE Summit 2019 will convene under the theme “UnLearn, ReLearn: What it means to be Human” on November 19-21 in Doha, Qatar. Over 12000 participants and 5400 organizations will be present. 

The WISE Summit is the UEFA of Education or the premier global event for innovation in education where all who matters and have quality and inclusive education at heart meet to share, challenge and brainstorm on the best innovative ways in administering the kind of education modules and practices we cry about.

In an era, where majority of youth are traveling in life without a destination and the staggering increasing rate of students churning out, high final exams failing rate, random school/course selection process and high unemployment where most graduates feel entitled to their tertiary certificates without the requisite skills for the job market. If indeed, the youth is the future and Africa is the youngest continent then, laudable initiatives such as Medaakye must be supported to scale.

Daniel is selected as part of the top 6 social innovators in the world and proud to say the only African male among the list. The category "Pitch It" he's been selected in is the first of its kind. He's going to pitch on a novel interactive mobile and web application that would help change the face of career guidance and counseling in Ghana and Africa at large for the greater socioeconomic good of the youth, families, communities and country. The name of the novel application is called "Medaakye" meaning my future which would leverage on deep machine learning and artificial intelligence. Medaakye is going to help students/youth to identify their personality types with careers and opportunities while having fun.

Daniel is both incredibly curious and industrious, has a tremendous passion for youth development and indeed all youth-related matters.
Daniel can be reached via:
Email address: daniel.owusu09@outlook.com
Facebook and IG: Daniel.owusu09

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