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THE YCEO: Meet Jessica Owusu the CEO of Sweetie1Enterprise (sweetie sanitarypad, Sweetie diapers brand)

Jessica Owusu
Jessica Owusu is one of the young inspiring and vibrant entrepreneurs and CEO of
Sweetie1Enterprise. In 2018 she started Sweetie1Enterprise, a business that sells
Sanitary products like diapers, sanitary pads and so forth.

Her vision is to become one of the leading Brands in diapers and other sanitary products
manufacturing companies whose products will not only be retailed in Ghana but also exported
to other countries,
Jessica Owusu

she also looking forward to venture into other businesses in the near future, currently
she is the Brain Behind star kidz, a brand that sell children clothes, books and children's
products that are doing very well in the market.

Her brand is described as “convenience comes with sweetie”. She also believes that
going the extra mile and making sure customers get value in exchange for their money is a
top priority.
''We strive to have the Sweetie Diapers present in every household and on the shelves of every pharmacy and supermarket in Ghana, at an affordable price, to enable moms to provide their little one’s with the care they deserve!''

Entrepreneurs come into the business scene every day, and many of them have ideas
which are beautifully crafted and which have a face value probability of being
market-breakers. However, many of these business ideas may take a very long time
to bear any fruits, and many of these entrepreneurs end up giving up prematurely,
or making the wrong decisions.

"Sweetie Baby Diaper is a premium quality baby diaper that employs the highest standards in quality."
The Sweetie1Enterprise Brand has already made itself a brand name to reckon with in the
Sanitary products industry. Despite being a young company, with about one and half years
under its belt, the milestones, which the brand has achieved, can only be envied.
The company’s products sweetie sanitary pad, sweetie diapers amongst others brands are
presence in 2 different countries (i'e Ghana & US,California) is unprecedented, and this is
testament to the hard work that has gone into setting up and marketing this amazing brand.

check there brand products here www.sweetie1enterprise.com

by: martin sedem

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