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THE YCEO: The Inspiring Story of Ghana’s Young Real Estate Mogul and technologist Stephanie Ode Wilson

The Inspiring Story of Ghana’s Young Real Estate Mogul and technologist Stephanie Ode Wilson
Some find their way later in life, but some find it early enough. If you’d like to know about one of those who find it early enough so you can awaken your achiever spirit, then Stephanie Ode Wilson of Ghana should inspire you.
She is a young real estate mogul and technologist who is regarded as one of Ghana’s outstanding but silent entrepreneurs. Silent in the sense that she is not ostentatious about her achievements.
She is an alumnus of the of Kumasi Girls Senior High School and also, currently in her third trimester at Bluecrest University. Her love for real estate started when she was a child, however, she started gathering real estate experience when she turned 17.  Between the ages of 17 and 20, she went through a series of obstacles, challenges and failures but never did she allow these circumstances to deter her from achieving her goals. Instead, she saw them as stepping stones to greatness!
By the time she turned 20, she completed her first sale in real estate which was described to be a 3-bedroom apartment on a 100 × 70 plot. On how she was able to achieve such feat, she used savings from her earnings, ran errands and followed up on building materials vendors of her boss who run a major construction company in Ghana.
That’s not all. In 2016, she worked as an Accounts Manager at Shieldsoft Consult where she had the incredible opportunity to learn basic programming, networking and hardware. With these skills under her belt, she used the knowledge to jumpstart her own technology company known as SCOWN Technology. SCOWN Technology has since grown to be one of Ghana’s leading technology firms that helps customers with Cabling and Fibre Optics, Data and Network Security Infrastructure, Home Automation and Security System Installation.
After three years of gaining knowledge, expertise and a strong network, she coordinated and built a team of constructors with over 25 years of experience.
She thus led the client acquisition campaigns, brought in the contracts under her company name SCOWN Properties and executed with her team. In 2017, she proceeded to develop and sell three more houses in 2018 for clients abroad.
She said that her success as an entrepreneur is as a result of the desire to make people’s lives easier. She is a problem solver always making researches to offer solutions to problems.
Her brand is described as “authentic with excellent customer care”. She also believes that going the extra mile and making sure customers get value in exchange for their money is a top priority.
Stephanie Ode Wilson is indeed an exemplary leader who is setting the pace for others to follow. She’s innovative, visionary and hardworking.
In the spirit of giving back, Stephanie is set to launch her GIRL CODE AFRICA Initiative aimed at teaching 100,000 girls across the African Continent basic coding, web and app development while also equipping them with digital skills over a 10-year period.
Recently, she was the recipient of the award for the “Outstanding Young Business Leader of the Year” at the 2019 edition of the Ghana Business Standard Awards. This award made her to become the youngest recipient of such.
She is indeed an example of the saying, “if there’s a will, there’s always a way.”

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