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THE YCEO: Ghanaian Costumier, Kulaperry Introduces His Own Currency.

Ghanaian Costumier, Kulaperry Introduces His Own Currency.
Entrepreneurs come into the business scene every day, and many of them have ideas which are beautifully crafted and which have a face value probability of being market-breakers. However, many of these business ideas may take a very long time to bear any fruits, and many of these entrepreneurs end up giving up prematurely, or making the wrong decisions.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kulaperry Outlook Ghana, and a designer of haute couture or Costumier, Prince Boamah Kuleape professionally known as Kulaperry has introduced his own currency ahead of 2020 release of “Fear No Man Collection”.
Named Fear No Man (FNM), the currency will only to be used in the purchasing of Fear No Man collections and attending exclusive events, and per our technical know-how, the currency is believed to provide seamless and effortless online payments  – with maximum speed and limitless scale.
This anouncement was made on the official Facebook handle of Official KulaperryoutlookGh. Fear No Man currency is also expected to enables the customer to add value to their product, as it is believed that, creativity leads to capital, credit, surplus, and even crowdfunding.
See below the various denominations of the currency below;
Kulaperry started the “Kulaperry Outlook” brand because he was sad and worried that the African continent didn’t really have any popular clothing brand available for its people. He says, “It always hurts seeing my people wear second hand clothes”. He says that prior to him starting this brand many wrote him off since clothing brands in Ghana in the past usually came up with a few T-Shirts, which lasts a few months and vanish into the thin air. Kulaperry boldly says, “Fear No Man is here to stay”, he continues, “Fear No Man is for me, you and the whole of Ghana and Africa. Fear No Man is bigger than Kulaperry”. The confidence alone of this young entrepreneur is one to admire.
The Kulaperry Brand has already made itself a brand name to reckon with in the Urban African fashion industry. Despite being a young company, with about five years under its belt, the milestones, which the brand has achieved, can only be envied. The company’s apparel includes T-Shirts, Shirts, Caps and Jackets amongst others. The brands presence in 29 different countries is unprecedented, and this is testament to the hard work that has gone into planning, setting up and marketing this amazing brand.

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