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THE YCEO: CoutureCave the fastest-growing fashion brand in Ghana

CoutureCave understands that all wears (garments, shoes, jewelry and accessories) are forms of self-expression, allowing both genders to differentiate themselves. CoutureCave creates one-of-a-kind products by reinventing out of dates styles and a touch of Africans culture into new contemporary wears.

Although each piece is unique, all pieces share a connection to the history of various African countries and its rich cultures. Each piece’s history is shared in the product description accompanying each piece of wears. We are always on the lookout for the newest and most daring styles. Whether it’s that perfect dress for a night out, a cute outfit for running errands or a classic ensemble for brunch with your buddies, there’s something for every occasion.

CoutureCave focus is on excavating savoring heritages close to extinct via its fashion statements, thus preserving for future generations. CoutureCave is owned and operated by Abah Debbie-Panji. She is specialized in garment construction, metal smiting and jewelry design.

Couture Cave seeks to be the fastest-growing fashion brand in the world. Through its continued success, Couture Cave has an incredible opportunity to give back. Couture Cave Cares is the official program focused on charitable giving and advocacy.

We support charities that empower women, men, children and communities across Ghana, and will pledge sharing our insights in the game to making, simple crafts in production in fashion  to various organizations this year and in subsequent years in other to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship among the youth at large. Couture Cave Cares aims to help create greater economic opportunities and an improved quality of life for all.
Couture Cave Cares.

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