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THE YCEO: From being homeless to becoming a viral sensation… Kwame Sarfo

From being homeless to becoming a viral sensation… Kwame Sarfo
Ghanaian-born Kwame Sarfo who went through tough times pushed through the odds to cover his tuition through college twice whilst working assiduously on a small business his parents bought when he turned 12. He recently shared his story on the Steve Harvey show.

At the age of 23, he singlehandedly was able to sign a cheque of $60,000 to pay off all loans he had acquired during school.

He resorted to sleeping in and out of his car because he had no place to call a home considering all his monies had been used to pay debtors.
In those instances however, he was more challenged he said, to face life and give it his best shot.
“My parents bought a small business when I was 12, since then, I’ve been working all throughout college. When I was 23, a week after I graduated with my masters, I wrote a check of 60,000 dollars, paid off all my loans”. 
“After I graduated with the first masters and paid off the loan completely, I went through a little rough spot. For some weeks I was living in and out of my car, hotels sometimes. It was a tough time but that’s when I realized that God puts us in situations that he knows we can overcome”.
His journey towards fame however began when he landed a job after school, and was picked up as a model by four agencies. 
Kwame who has gone viral on social media for his amazing workout techniques is making various strides also. His inspiration he explained was this;
“I was listening to a podcast and they said the most successful people wake up before sunrise and that Bill Gates wakes up before 4:30. It also said that Bill Gates wakes up at 4:30, so I said to myself, If he can wake up at 4:30, I gotta catch up to him. So everyday when I wake up at 4:30, I say a quick little prayer to God, and I just get to it”.
Rather than focus on himself alone, he has chosen the path of benevolence. He has chosen to help people in society to save as many from going through the same situations he went through. He has among other things supported a charitable course by donating to help school kids get fed in America where he resides.
“I met this woman who came to my job, she wanted some donations and I wanted to help on a bigger scale so I decided that I’ll do a video and spread the message, let everyone know about what she is doing, recognize the little work she is doing for the community and apparently the program feeds 250 kids, Monday to Friday”.
Culled from Ghanaweb.com

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