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THE YCEO: Five African Countries Creating The Highest Number of Women In The Workforce.

Five African Countries Creating The Highest Number of Women In The Workforce.
All over the world women are being encouraged to enter into work. Encouraging women into education or work will lead to them getting higher incomes. These higher incomes will lead to higher incomes for the household. Families and communities will there benefit from women in work.
In many countries men take the most jobs and get paid the highest wage. But five African countries are challenging this idea by having a large number of women in work.
Zimbabwe, Malawi, The Gambia, Liberia and Tanzania are at the top of the list out of all the countries in the world for having the highest number of women in the workplace.
Women in Zimbabwe make up 52.8% of the workforce compared to 46.8% of women in workforce the United States. These numbers show how Zimbabwe is leading the way in woman adding to the income of household and community.
But everyone has a responsibility to ensure that more women in work have absolute benefits. Although women make up a large amount of the workforce they are often paid less than men. The jobs these women have are often not as secure as men’s. If they were paid the same for the same work this would again increase the income of the household. Creating jobs for women that are secure will help improve the stable income of a family.
Young girls spend more hours on jobs in the household than boys of the same age. This means that girls are more likely to stop school and marry early. Marrying early means a couple is more likely to have a larger amount of children.
A woman will not be able to contribute to the income to help feed and clothe this large family. Sharing out household tasks between children will help to keep girls in education. Keeping them in education will lead to them securing jobs that pay well and households will become easier to support.
These five African countries are helping women improve their livelihoods and are therefore improving the lives of families. But there is work everyone can do to make this situation even better.
The education of women is very important in making sure that in the future women can contribute to the household. Sharing the burden of working and earning money between a couple creates more income for the household and less pressure on one parent to provide for everyone.

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