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THE YCEO: Best Techniques for Overcoming Our Worst Weaknesses

Best Techniques for Overcoming Our Worst Weaknesses
Every single person has weaknesses. Some of these weaknesses are more detrimental than others. Some foibles cause only minor annoyances in a person’s day. In other cases, however, a weakness can totally rule your life and prevent you from accomplishing goals. Learning how to overcome these challenges can lead you to a more productive and fulfilling existence.
People can become addicted to a variety of substances, including drugs and alcohol. One of the best empowering approaches is to seek treatment for addiction. If you are suffering from an addiction, you have struggles that are unique to your experience. Professional treatment like that offered at the Mission Harbor addiction facility in Montecito can help to identify the root of your addiction, what your triggers are, and how to better manage these triggers. Furthermore, you could attend a program that is personalized to your needs. For example, you might attend a program with a religious background or one that encourages you to pursue the arts.
Poor Diet
Eating bad foods is tempting, and many people fall into the trap. While you might want to eliminate all bad foods at one time and make the switch to healthier eating right away, this approach could just leave you craving those items even more and resenting the decision you made. Consider working to eliminate one type of food at a time. For example, you might want to give up red meat this week and then work soda into the elimination plan next week. Working with an expert in nutrition is advisable because you can ensure that you’re consuming the proper nutrients and calories.
Lack of Exercise
Getting up early in the morning and going to the gym is a challenge for many people. If you find this thought overwhelming, you should find a method of exercise that works for you. You might prefer to take dance classes in the evening, or maybe you want to join a softball team in the neighborhood. Think about what your interests are. You don’t need to follow a traditional gym routine to get in the proper amount of exercise. Working with a personal trainer is an option, but it isn’t the only way to get fit.
Conflict Avoidance
While constantly getting into fights is certainly not a healthy approach to conflicts, you do want to learn how to stand up for yourself and to articulate your perspectives. If you tend to avoid conflicts at all costs, practice by speaking up in low-stakes scenarios. Maybe your ultimate goal is to ask for a raise at work. However, you can practice by saying where you want to go to dinner the next time you get together with friends.
Conflict Seeking
On the other hand, you might find that you are constantly embroiled in conflicts. This type of behavior can lead to a great deal of unnecessary stress in your life. Practicing better listening can help you to reduce the number of conflicts in your life. When you find yourself ready to debate with another person, take the time to fully listen to what this individual is saying. Then, absorb the content. Thinking for a while before you speak might help you to realize that you don’t disagree as much as you initially thought.
Lack of Motivation
Regardless of what your weakness is, a lack of motivation to change may rest at the core. Create a system of rewards for yourself. For example, when you lose a certain amount of weight, you can treat yourself to a new outfit. If you get to the gym a certain number of times in the next month, you can plan a one-night trip for yourself. Getting yourself motivated can help with a number of issues.

Weaknesses have the ability to make our lives seriously negative. Instead of allowing these negative behaviors to continue, make a conscious effort to change starting today.

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