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THE YCEO: Worry too much? Stop thinking about these 4 things

Worry too much? Stop thinking about these 4 things
Being sensitive sometimes can make you start worrying about pointless things. You start to worry about how to fit in a society, how to find your purpose, or how to strengthen your relationships. Sensitive people are very sensitive not only about themselves but they are sensitive for the others too. They can get hurt easily, they think negatively and they think about things that are not even in their control.

Sensitive people do not accept critical feedback, they worry too much, they are worried about people opinion about them and sometimes they overreact to the simplest of things which often hurts them in the long run.

But life is too short to worry about these things. It is because these things get settled by themselves and no matter how much you think you can control, these are out of your control.

You can live a happy life by worrying less and that can only be done if you start entertaining following pointless worries:

Paying attention to other people opinions:
The people around you always think that they know what is best for you more than you. Their opinions confuse your own mind and you start to believe whatever you are doing isn’t right. You get the chance of living your life once and you need to decide how you want to live it. Do not allow others to dictate how you want to live your life and do whatever you think is correct.

People who don’t like you:
When you open yourself up to the world, you attract both hate and love from people. Sometimes the hate that you get does not make any sense and you start to worry about it. To think about that hate is pointless and does nothing more than wasting your time and energy, therefore, always stay positive and ignore these things.

Wanting to be accepted by people:
This is another issue which makes you worry without any reason. You start to worry about not being liked by everyone. But you should remember that this world is filled with different people who have different ideas. It is not necessary that you get accepted among them all. You just need to be who you are and stop worrying about who likes you or not.

Thinking about the past:
You worry most of the time about your past. What you fail to understand that past is something that has already happened and cannot be changed no matter what you do. Obsessed with your past? Here is how you can shape your mind to live in the present moment. You can get satisfaction by acknowledging the things that happened in the past and understand you cannot do anything now. It is better to accept it, learn from it, and be grateful for where you are today.

 Saima Ikram

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