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THE YCEO: Why Education is Essential for Growth

Why Education is Essential for Growth
Education is the bedrock of every society. It helps shape the minds of citizens and can have massive impact on any nation. From the perspective of a thesis service provider, no country can develop faster when the citizens do not have access to quality education.

Education provides several benefits that are too good for any leader or individual to ignore. In short, it plays a vital role in the growth of every society whether socially, politically, economically and otherwise.

In this post, we shall discuss why education is essential for growth and development.

1. Helps secure a better job

The point is being educated or having a degree does not mean an individual will secure employment automatically. But when a job opportunity comes knocking, an educated fellow will be in a better position to secure the job.

However, having a large population of uneducated citizens can harm a country’s growth. There will be a shortage of workforce and people with specific skills. So, even if more companies establish their base there, they may have to import workers from other areas.

Education equips and prepares an individual for job opportunities. Although many would argue that uneducated people can still secure jobs, there is every tendency that their pay won’t be as high as someone who has a degree.

2. Positive impact on political office holders and electorates 

Check out countries that are doing well economically; you will discover that the people who are making those critical economic decisions are literates. On the other hand, the electorates, particularly the literates have a better understanding of who to vote into political offices that can lead their country to greater heights.

So, looking at these two scenarios, it is evident that an illiterate politician is not qualified for any political office. Most countries also have laws that allow people with a certain level of education or degree to contest for political offices.

3. Build better and well-behaved citizens

Education is not only essential for growth but can have a massive impact on citizens of a country. The thing is citizens that are literates tend to be more law-abiding and reserved. They also have better knowledge of the laws of the land and the punishment for crimes committed.

Again, educated people are a bit easier to lead. They are hardly seen vandalizing government properties because they understand their value and importance to the growth of the country. They also try to make peace wherever they find themselves because they know that violence can lead to unrest and take the country backward.

Education can also equip people with problem-solving and analytical skills, which are essential in the workplace and life in general. That is why educated people can make better decisions and choices in most scenarios.


Education can drive the growth of any country. That is why many regions do not hesitate to spend massively on schools to improve their citizens’ literacy levels. Education can also equip people with the right skills and knowledge, not only to work but fit into any society. And according to thesisrush.com, every level of education, from kindergarten to university level is relevant.

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