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THE YCEO: How to maintain a balance between job and personal life

How to maintain a balance between job and personal life
Having a heavy work schedule and you are unsure how to combine it with your personal life? Try out these tips and find out the best way to balance both your work and your personal life.

When one has a busy schedule, it may be that much difficult to create a healthy balance where your personal life does not suffer. Most workaholics find that they do not have much of a personal life and as a result of this, they miss out on the little things in life. These people end up becoming a shell of what they once were, simply being so busy that they cannot enjoy life as they should.

Balancing work life with personal life can be a hustle for many people, especially for people who are at that stage where they need to make as much money as possible to make a living or to maintain a family. Such people have such a heavy burden on them that they tend to neglect what may be of relevance in their life. Unfortunately, no one can live on work alone. Everyone needs the opportunity to have a good and thriving personal life, and putting in the effort to making it work is of the utmost importance.

Things to consider when you are looking to balance your work and your personal life

In case you are in over your head about what to do with your job demanding so much from you, and your personal life, try out some of these tips to figure out this conundrum, and with time, it will be easier to manage.

Make a log of everything you do

Taking note of how you spend your time can be a good way to free up space for what is really important. Take time to note all your activities for say, a week. When you do that, you are able to know what takes a lot of time and map out a good schedule and strategy in order to have time to enjoy other aspects of life. Logging your activities enables you to understand what you may be doing that has absolutely no relevance to your final goal.


Setting priorities is a very important part of creating balance between work and personal life. Especially for people with families. It would be in your best interest to outline the things that mean the most to you in order of importance. When you do that, mapping out time for these things because they mean more becomes easier. People realise, by the time that they make this list, that they have been spending time on things that are not of much importance to their wellbeing as a person.

Set goals

Setting goals can help to quantify your work load. If you have goals and a route to achieve these goals each day, you will find that you have more time for other things. Take the time to map out what you really want to do, and find a way to accomplish those goals within the day, and reward yourself with some much needed time with your family. Be careful that you do not take more on your plate than is needed for the day, and also, be careful that once you are done, you do not go looking for other things to occupy that free time. Take time to do something different once you have achieved your goals.

Establish much needed boundaries

Establishing boundaries between your work place and your home is one very important thing to learn if you want to have a successful personal life. Boundaries like not picking calls after work, and not bringing work home is a good start to setting out the rules when it comes to work and home. Be very disciplined about maintaining these boundaries such that both your work mates and your bosses are aware. Get a second phone if you need to in order to make this work.

Prioritise your health

Tell yourself several times that if you should drop dead today, another person will take your place. Once you understand this fact, taking good care of your health will become second nature to you. Your health is the only thing that can give you true peace of mind. People work themselves sore every time and are not around long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Taking time off work once in a while is not only healthy, but also of utmost importance to your productivity at work. Prioritizing your health above everything else is sure to give you the much needed motivation to set out time for yourself.

Managing every aspect of your life is not only for the well-being of people around you, but also for you and your health. Spending time with your family and loved ones is a great way to unwind and to enjoy your life. Having a healthy balance can ensure a much better productivity than working yourself to the bone. Visit Jobsora.com to get wind of job offers around town that may have a more flexible schedule so that you can have adequate time spend with people you love and do other important things. For all you know, getting a more relaxed job might be the answer to your problems. Just take time to correctly discipline yourself to map out much needed time for yourself, and watch your productivity soar. Take the needed steps today and see how your life transforms.

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