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THE YCEO: Here is why giving is more important than receiving

Here is why giving is more important than receiving
The happiness you feel after a particular event or an activity diminishes every time you experience that event. But giving to others is an exception because here the happiness does not decline or decline much slower. Giving to others reinforce your sense of social connection and belonging.

The joys of giving may have diminished in your life but following are the reasons that may re-ignite your desire to give:

Adding to the life of others:
If you are fortunate to have everything to live a reasonably comfortable life, it means you have the ability to help others. When you help others, you add so much to their life. Sometimes, their life only depends on your generosity, love, and kindness. This can help others to live a good life too.

It inspires others to give:
When you give others whatever you have, you inspire others to do the same with the other people. It then turns on as a cycle that makes the world a much better place to live.

It makes you responsible:
When you decide to help others financially, you make it a point to set aside money for them rather than spending on your own needs. It makes you responsible in learning how to do certain things and how to make others happy.

Start believing in yourself:
When you give to others, it ultimately makes you feel good about yourself. When your kindness for others is purely positive, it brings joy to your own life. It makes you believe more firmly in yourself and motivates you for further acts of kindness in future.

There is a lot to give:
Giving cannot be limited to cash; you can give a lot of things to people in order to help them. You can give your time to others, you can give your warmth and friendship, you can listen to others when they are in trouble, and of course, you can help financially.

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