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THE YCEO: EQ is more important than IQ. Here are 4 ways to control your emotions

EQ is more important than IQ. Here are 4 ways to control your emotions
Emotions can be difficult to deal with at times; however, there is nothing wrong with any kind of emotion. When you try to control your emotions, it does not mean that you are repressing them, it means you are learning to process and respond to them in healthy ways. When you are able to control your emotions, you feel more stable and amplify your ability to turn ideas into results.

Following are the four practices that can help to bring a big difference in managing your emotions:

Accept the emotion:
The first thing you can do to deal with your emotions is to accept them. Accept the responsibility for their existence. Do not ignore what you are feeling or going through. Keep an open mind to fully recognize what you are feeling and how you want to get it solved. Facing the current emotional state is very important otherwise the feeling of emptiness subsides in the subconscious and that kills the motive to live in the present moment and perform day to day functions.

Name your emotions:
Vague emotions overwhelm you and make it difficult to feel satisfied. Therefore, name the feelings because it is one of the best ways to know what is happening. Once you understand what the story is, you focus more on the flaws and work hard to make everything better.

Challenge the emotions:
Once you understand what you are going through, ask yourself questions regarding those emotions. Ask yourself why are behaving in such a situation? What would a reasonable, rational, and decent do to come out of this troubled situation? Once you ask these questions, you will feel an immediate release from frustration and will bring calmness to your life.

Think of something positive:
Your anxiety can increase if you get caught in negative self-talk. In order to create more positive emotions, aim for positive thoughts such as “this will make a good story later” or “this is going to be an amazing situation” etc. This positive outlook will help you come out of a tensed situation in a better way. Here is why in modern days it is proved that Willpower is more important than the IQ

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