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THE YCEO: 7 reasons why you should schedule free time for yourself and do things that you always like

7 reasons why you should schedule free time for yourself 
There are so many professionals around the world that feel increasingly pressed for time and give up on things that should actually matter to them. But not just the individuals miss out the opportunities that they would like to have time for, when people don’t have free time for fun activities, businesses pay the price. Having free time to pursue any hobbies can make worker substantially a lot better at their jobs. By spending time on the activities you like, you can boost some of your most important workplace skills.

Following are the reasons you should schedule free time for yourself and do things that you always like:

Good use of time:
The best use of time is when you use it for your own self. By scheduling your free time, you schedule your activity as a priority and it becomes as important as your work. When you use this time to help yourself become better, you save yourself from burnout and make yourself more productive.

You make others priority:
When you schedule the free time to spend it with your family and friends, you make it clear to them that work is not just your priority. This will change their opinion about you as you will stop ignoring your relationships and your life will become much better.

You will get more free time:
If you schedule your free time, your work will not become a problem to cover. Once you know your plans, it will be easier to get things done quickly and properly. This will give you more free time to do what you want to do.

Something to look forward to:
It is natural to enjoy when you are doing something you like. So, no matter how crazy your day gets, you will always look forward to your scheduled free time to claim your fun activity as a reward for a while day’s hard work.

Becoming more productive:
When you will have a scheduled free time after work, it will keep you focused on getting everything done by the end of the day. It will force you to avoid all the distractions, do the priority work, and delegate extra work to your colleagues or subordinates.

Flexibility to your calendar:
For making your plans and scheduling some of the free time for yourself, you will have to adjust according to the requirements of your work. You need to plan for your most important work activities as well as give priority to the time you will set aside for yourself.

It will make you feel more in control:
By knowing when and where your time has to be spent, you will feel more control in your life. By scheduling free time, you will know how to best spend the limited time that you have.

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