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THE YCEO: 5 signs that tell you that anxiety has become a big issue for you

5 signs that tell you that anxiety has become a big issue for you
Anxiety is a normal emotion and is considered essential for survival. But for some people, anxiety gets triggered at the least provocation. Because of the ongoing and excessive fear, it causes considerable distress in a person’s everyday life. Excessive anxiety can send a person into a severe depression state. Therefore, you need to keep a lookout for signs that indicate when your anxiety is becoming an actual problem.

Following are the signs that can tell your anxiety is becoming a serious problem:

Anxiety still persisting even after it is repeatedly ruled out:
If you fear you have a problem while the tests have ruled out the possibility of any disease, it means you are suffering from a severe kind of anxiety. This happens when even after reassurance you are certain you are having an issue,

Physical symptoms:
There are often some physical symptoms that occur due to anxiety but these can easily be coped with. When these symptoms become a problem in them and only seem to worse as much you notice them, it creates a vicious cycle. It includes an upset stomach, numbness and tingling, heart palpitation, etc. When these symptoms become excessive, they can seriously affect your everyday life.

When you start having trouble focusing on one thing, it means your thoughts move quickly and find it hard to land on one thing. It is the time when all the mental clutter starts to get into your way. It makes it difficult for you to fully concentrate and can lead to something where you need help.

Not enough sleep:
People struggling with anxiety usually have trouble while sleeping. They either don’t get enough sleep or even if they do, they feel restless. This if goes unchecked can become a vicious and can give you mood swings. When your mood swings are negative, they can increase your anxiety and don’t let you sleep.

When anxiety starts to become serious, you find negativity in almost everything. The noise, cluttered space, and social situations become more frustrating and you begin to turn this negatively inward. This is the symptom that can overlap with depression and can make things even worse for you.

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