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THE YCEO: By adapting these 6 Hobbies, you can become a great leader

By adapting these 6 Hobbies, you can become a great leader
There are many leaders who compensate for feeling overwhelmed and over-busy by working greater hours. They do not pay attention to themselves but neglecting self-care puts you on a downward spiral that leads to lower productivity and burnout. But keeping a hobby is something that acts as a secret weapon for boosting your productivity. No matter what field you are in, hobbies make you more adept to your job as well as leadership.

Following are the few hobbies that can help you to become a more effective leader:

Creating and collecting art:
Art helps you to think creatively and helps you to develop unique ways to address a problem. Pursuing art as a hobby can be in the form of sculpting, painting, sketching, pottery, music, dance, theatre etc. each of these pursuits helps you to work through and around the problems in a creative manner.

Spending time outdoors:
It is one of the hobbies that are extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health. When you chose to spend time outdoors under the open sky or in nature, you attain peace of mind and also for developing leadership skills. You can choose to go for mountain climbing, hiking, or camping. These activities will help you to use your strategic thinking and make the ascent safely.

Board games:
This is also another great hobby that fosters cooperation, to promote strategic thinking and better decision making. Playing a board game is a hobby that not only helps in leadership development but also for personal edification.

Working out:
Doing work out in any form has proven to be beneficial for a person’s mental and physical health. This is specific for running because it demands dedication, planning, and a good sense of direction. Running in the morning can inspire new thinking and helps to resolve problems at work. It also provides you with a new approach to face any kind of a professional challenge.

Reading has a great link with creative thinking and inspires a new line of thinking towards a challenge you are facing. The qualities of the character you are reading about inspire you to emulate something similar in your situation. When you read more, it not only improves your vocabulary but also encourages new synaptic connections.

Working voluntarily, no doubt is very rewarding because it gives you inner satisfaction. But volunteering helps you to grow as a person, to appreciate the things you are blessed with, and to give without asking something in return. Without even you noticing, volunteering helps to shape you into a better leader.

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