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THE YCEO: 2 Ghanaian Entrepreneurs Remind Africans At The Harvard Business, School Of Their Ancestry With A Gift.

Two of Ghana’s tenacious entrepreneurs; Mr. Selorm H.K Fiadjoe and Mr. C. Makafui Dey Sadika at the Harvard Business School after the African Forward conference presented the painting of an ”African Village” to the African Business Club of the revered University.

The opus of work by Mozzay was given as a symbolic cultural gesture of the African people to foster relations and to remind the Africans in the diaspora of their communal duty of coming back home to help.

The young artist (Mozzy) is successfully signed on to a creative talent hub (https://www.worldctalenthubb.com/). His works over the years points to positively changing the African narrative through a visual display.

The image in the art piece which was gifted represents a village which is the community we are all part of, the combined effort of every village member to ensure the eventual success and development of this village. It also showcases how important every member of this village is in its growth process. In elementary terms, its talking, ‘’unity in development’’.During the presentation on behalf of all the exceptional Ghanaians, Selorm and Makafui congratulated the executives of the African Business Club for such conference which is goal-focused on the growth of Africa.

The two entrepreneurs who made it to this year’s conference where Mr. Selorm H.K Fiadjoe, the Managing Director of Background Media Group. He doubles as a Brand Development Consultant an Entrepreneur, a Cultural Influencer and a Philanthropist while Mr. C. Makafui Dey Sadika is a Civic Development Analyst with Civics Ghana.

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