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THE YCEO: These 7 strategies can help you improve creativity in life

The researchers have found that only 98 per cent of the children aged 3-5 are ranked as geniuses in divergent thinking which means that only 2 per cent of the adults achieves the same status. This indicates that unless you are one of the two per cent, your creativity is likely to decline as you age. But fortunately, there are many things that can be done to strengthen the creative environment that encourages you to generate new ideas and solutions to old problems.

For improving your creativity, following are the few strategies that can help you:

Do exercise:
It is no doubt that regular exercise can help you stay fit but studies have proved that it also improves your ability to think creatively. When you work out, it lubricates the rusty hinges of your brain and makes your thinking more fluid that allows your conscious mind to access new ideas that are buried deep down in the unconsciousness.

Ambient noise levels:
You may think that a complete silence is required for creative thinking but science has proved that ambient noise levels are extremely good for coming up with better ideas. The perfect kind of ambient buzz promotes broader thinking and new ideas.

Connecting with things that are already present:
Creativity is not about coming up with original ideas; instead, it is just about making new connections between existing ideas. Even Steve Jobs agreed to it by saying that creativity is just connecting new things. Whenever you ask someone creative that how they did something, they experience guilty feelings because they really didn’t do I, they just saw something.

Although not many studies have been conducted on but the ones that have, show that travelling abroad especially by college students, proved that it improves creative thinking. It is because cultural norms are different between states which help to increase creativity from even an interstate travel.

Dim lighting:
It is hard to feel comfortable in dim light when you are working on an important project. But research has shown that dim lightening helps to improve creative performance. The reason is that when light is dim, it makes you feel more free to explore.

Colors of blue and green:
Blue and green colors are also considered to improve your creative performance. When you are working on a creative project or switching between different types of work, make sure that you see a lot of blue and green because it will help a lot to enhance your creative performance.

Being sleepy:
Many people think that when you are sleepy, your mind is does not work properly. But that has been proved wrong by the researches that have revealed that period of coming out of sleep that is called the hypnopompic state helps to generate creative ideas.

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