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Most of our young people never realise the power they wield. They don't understand the concept of change and believe in their ability to make a difference so they retire themselves to a miserable experience in life, never understanding their ability to make things happen and become the change they desperately seek.

They never discovered how a mere decision can totally transform and revolutionise thier lives, can improve drastically the quality of their health and wealth so they go throughout life year after year hoping for a change that is desperately waiting for them to make it, ending up stuck and broke in life as a result.

Don't let this be you. You can drastically increase your income and determine the direction and outcome of your life , your future is literally in your hand, please take care of it. Stop waiting for the government, your pastor or your boss to do something about it, the difference is in what you don't know and won't do a thing about, that is what is preventing you from experiencing the quality of life you could have had. It's time to deal with it.

Your ignorance is eating the life out of you, stop being stucked in life, battling the same situation over and over again never making any significant progress, just because you never made the discovery that could have made all the difference.

You never read the book, attended the classes, went to the seminar, never sought for a mentor, you never made the simple life changing discoveries that could have changed things permanently for you, since you never sought you didn't find and since you didn't find you never grew, you remained the same though you aged significantly.

We are not super humans, we are a product of the knowledge we accumulated overtime and the discipline we subject ourselves to, it is what we know and what we are doing with what we know that makes all the difference between us right now. Knowledge and discipline is the great divider.

By never sorting out for the knowledge that could have made all the difference for you, you retired yourself to a life of mediocrity and lack. Don't do that next year, don't settle for a miserable experience, when we all have equal opportunity at a great life. 2019 brings with it 365 opportunities to make things better so get up from the couch, it's time to drop the remote, and get to searching.

A the Holy book rightly says 'Wisdom is the principal thing and in all thy getting get understanding'

It's time to live out your best years. Let's make 2019 a blast together.
You're just one decision away from a totally different life.

Writer: Ebobo John Oritseweyinmi

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