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THE YCEO: Want to spur creativity in a noisy world?. Follow these 4 things

It is hard to come up with any creative ideas in a noisy cubicle but a silent office isn’t ideal as well. The studies have shown that a perfect working environment should buzz with a little ambient noise. It is because peace and silence makes it harder for people to do their best thinking. But a moderate background noise creates just enough of a distraction to force people to think more imaginatively. A noisy environment may trigger a brain to think abstractly and generate creative ideas.

But this does not mean that all working people should hit a coffee shop thinking it would make them creative. There are things that you can do to help spur creativity and get things done in a better way:

Remain in the present:
Because of the fast developing world, it is not easy to focus your mind on something you want to do. The availability of constant connection in the digital world seems to pull your mind in fifty different directions at once. This is not only a problem for people who work but is also creating a negative impact on the creativity of many people. For becoming more creative, you need to eliminate as many distractions as you can and place yourself in a position where you can be fully present. When you want to nurture your creativity, take some time out to stay away from your smartphone, computer, or any musical instruments. This will help you engage more strongly with your creative side and you will actually learn to live your life.

Don’t wait for being prepared:
It is human nature to plan things without actually starting the projects. It keeps you away from starting something in reality by reminding you that you are not fully prepared for it. But the best way is to start whatever you want and you will figure it out how long will it take to reach your desired destination. Read more books and listen to podcasts that help you learn more about the projects you are working on. You will learn as you progress, therefore, do not waste time in thinking you are not prepared.

Get into a routine:
You need to set up a routine in order to work towards your goals. You cannot just wait for the inspiration to strike you and you start doing work. You can achieve success by setting a routine and spending time in doing what you want on daily basis. Develop a pattern of behavior that gives you the time to allow your creativity to flow.

Do not focus all your time on listening to success stories of other people:
While this plays an important role in inspiring you to achieve your goals. But if you are not careful, the success stories of other people can waste a lot of our time that can be spent on your own work. Listening to a lot of success stories can make you start comparing yourself with other people and it will give rise to frustration and anxiety. Listen to the stories that motivate you and then focus all your energy on how you should work. The success journeys of other people should be used as a tool to trigger your inner creativity but you must not rely on them for the long-term.

For exploring your creative side, you must push yourself into thinking outside the box and allow your mind to wander beyond the realms of the normal thought pattern.

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