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THE YCEO: 7 benefits of writing a diary and how it helps you progress in life

There is nothing bad in receiving opinions and solution from other people. It is often the human nature to communicate and feel comfortable in talking to others. You might be given solutions with the best intent there is a great power in a pure and uninterrupted outpouring and that comes only with journaling.

It is because the page on which you write does not judge you nor does it talk back, it simply accepts all that is there on your mind. Following are the surprising benefits of journaling:

Increases your IQ:
Studies have proved that writing as a part of language learning has a positive correlation with our intelligence. When you write, you have a natural urge to search for words that are new. It helps increase your vocabulary and helps to increase your intelligence.

Helps to achieve goals:
When you write, you often describe your goals and ambitions. When you write your goals, it signals your brain that it is important and you must not let go of the opportunities that can help you achieve them,

Increases your emotional intelligence:
Not just the IQ but journaling also helps to increase your emotional intelligence. It helps process your emotions and increase self-awareness. When you become aware of your internal familiarity, you develop a bridge of empathy and better understand what others are experiencing.

Sparks memory and comprehension:
Science has proved a strong relationship between hand and your brain. It is because your words are representations of the ideas that you have in mind. The formation of these letters causes your mind to compose or re-compose these ideas when you are writing.

Improves your self-discipline:
Discipline plays a very important role in all the areas of your life. When you set aside time to write, you act in a disciplined manner. The more you practice it, the more you strengthen it. It helps to keep your workplace clean which leads to keeping your bedroom tidy and develops into other better habits.

Improves skills for communication:
When you write, you become better at explaining because writing has a critical connection to speaking. This is why journaling is described as a form of written communication. With improved writing skills, you become better at speaking too.

It helps to heal:
The thoughts present in your mind usually make you suffer from anxiety and depression. But when you write them on a piece of paper, it takes you on a route to heal. It helps loosen up your emotional blockages and make your experiences graspable. This is the best way to free you from mental traumas and lower anxiety through the emotional release.

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