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THE YCEO: Follow these 6 Steps when you fail to reach your goals

Failure is always disheartening and at times, it gets overwhelming when you face one failure over another. It maybe that you are trying to stop binge eating after work, spending more time reading, or cooking more at home and eating out less. No matter what the reason is, you believe that the failure erodes your self-confidence. It also increases the chances of indulging in unhealthy stress behaviors.

So what can you do to get out of this disempowered mindset? For getting back to the perspective that allows you to move forward towards your goals, you need to follow these 6 steps:

Change your perspective of failure:
Failing to achieve your goals often makes you feel that everything has ended for you. But you should not treat failure as a failure instead, look at it as a learning opportunity which you couldn’t have otherwise. Understand that experience a failure does not make you a failure but makes you wiser and changes your perception about things.

Focus on things to learn:
Failure can make you lose hope and you may feel like giving up. But if you look at the things that you have learned and focus on going a bit deeper on understanding them, your perception of failure will completely change. Focus on what you have learned and by gaining the new perspective, come up with something better the next time you try.

Think of your dreams:
When you feel you are losing interest, think of the dreams that you have. Remind of the feelings that you have felt on thinking of achieving your goals. You need to keep the connection with your goals and never give up.

Rediscover your passion:
When you get to this stage, you must reignite your passion and remember the beginning of your purpose. Your purpose will guide you through thick and thin whereas your passion will be the fuel to stay motivated each day.

Plan ahead:
Always plan ahead and if you fail, understand well the things that are being ignored are. You need to tell yourself what it needs to reach your goals and rethink of your approach. Maybe you are not trying hard enough or are not planning accordingly.

Look at the bigger picture:
When you fail, you can either give up or bounce back and look at the bigger picture. Think of the bigger picture and decide what a massive action you can take to change everything. You need to keep moving by staying consistent and taking action according to the plan that you have created.

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