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THE YCEO: 7 signs that show you have outgrown someone

Throughout life, no matter how young or old you are, you go through many points in life where you have to leave some of the people. These are the people you once considered leaving as the end of the world. These are the people whom you outgrow in your abilities and understanding. It is because every human change with the passage of time and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This brings a profound change in your relationship with your family, friends, or colleagues.

You might feel difficulty in analyzing if a group of people you have been sticking with for so long is the reason for your unhappiness. But you need to understand that is just sticking to them really worth your well-being? If you let these people go, then you will give yourself a better chance at finding new friends who will help you the way you have grown yourself into.

If you are not sure whether you have outgrown someone in life, the following are the few signs you need to observe in your relationships to actually know that your gear has changed:

Feeling a forced conversation:
The conversation with any of your friends or colleagues may felt easy and fluent previously. But now, if you experience difficulty in talking to that person and do not feel happy about it, you may feel the awkwardness. This is the feeling that is a sign that tells you have moved on.

Lacking depth:
You enjoy the conversations in which you feel emotionally and intellectually challenged by the other person. This is something that keeps your interest and makes it worth spending your time with the specific person. But when you lack the depth in a conversation and feel it boring, it leaves no reason to stay in the company.

Making excuses:
You may have enjoyed going out with them in the past but now, if you make excuses when they try to make a plan with you, you feel uninterested. Any activities with them will sound boring and you will find yourself better alone.

Not sharing your accomplishments:
Whenever you achieve something in life, your happiness increases when you share the news with some of the important people around you. But if you feel sad that the personal or professional accomplishments will not be understood by them, it means your ways have changed.

You feel bored:
You like to spend time when the people involved keep the interest high. But when you start feeling bored in their company and become overwhelmed by feelings of sadness thinking about them, it is better to move forward.

Find it difficult to relate:
Finding yourself and the other completely on different pages is also a sign that you have outgrown them in many ways. You find it difficult to relate and connect with them because your priorities and values have changed.

You indulge in conflicts:
When you find yourself constantly picking a fight with the other person for small matters, it becomes difficult to remain calm. Anything no matter how small can become a reason of the fight.

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