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THE YCEO: 5 coping skills for anger in order to calm your emotions

Wrath, fury, rage,-no matter what you call it is an unhelpful emotion. Anger, being a powerful emotion, becomes problematic for your personal relationships and for your own health. But what most people don’t realize is that anger can be a searing hate underneath the surface or can be a blasting volcano.

The uncontrolled anger can negatively affect the physical health as well as your emotional well-being. So, you need to find ways that can help you to stay calm and not lose control of your thoughts and actions. You need to learn some of the coping skills for anger in order to calm your emotions and these are as following:

Breathe slowly:
When you are angry, the first thing you must do is to pay attention to your breathing. Just consider yourself in a yoga class where you are instructed to breathe slowly. Take a deep breath and inhale as much as you can. Once you have inhaled to your limit, exhale in the same manner. Do this few times and it will help you stay calm.

Start counting:
Upon getting angry, you lose control of your thoughts and emotions. This is the time when you need to take your concentration away from the matter that has made you angry. Start counting backwards and pay attention that you are doing it right.

Focus your energy on something else:
Physical activity can easily alter your thoughts; therefore, when you are angry then it is better to take a walk. When you will go out for a walk it will help you to make a logical and sound reaction to the problem that is making you angry.

Address your anger:
Also, when you are feeling angry, taking some time off alone will help you to address the issue more deeply. Identify what is making you angry and it will help you to resolve the conflict in a better manner.

Avoid understanding anger before sleep:
Anger is known to rev up your system, therefore, never try to understand the issues at night. It will interfere with your restful sleep and will cause insomnia. It is always better to examine the causes of your anger earlier in the day when your mind is fresh and less prone to reacting with irritation.

Don’t condemn yourself for being angry because anger isn’t wrong. It is just the way that you react when you are angry. These coping skills will help you work well in most troubling circumstances.

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