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Jerry Owusu Banahene: A Young SME CEO and Environmental Advocate Championing Change in face of danger.

Jerry Owusu Banahene, a 29-year-old native of Takoradi, made waves in 2018 as a young CEO, heralding a new era of entrepreneurial prowess. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies from the University for Development Studies and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Cape Coast, he founded Top Strategies Gh, a dynamic business consulting firm headquartered in Takoradi. 

Top Strategies Gh quickly garnered a substantial clientele base, driven by Banahene's mission to provide tailored business solutions to small enterprises. His goals were crystal clear: enhance sales and marketing strategies, develop financial acumen, offer guidance in financial projections, and provide coaching in sales, customer care, and commercialization. Banahene's values—innovation, service orientation, and top-notch customer care—became the bedrock of his firm's identity.

Yet, beyond the boardrooms and business plans, Banahene's story took a compelling turn. While navigating the challenging terrain of business development, he found himself drawn to another cause close to his heart—environmental activism and advocacy. In a country grappling with the scourge of illegal mining dubbed “galamsey”, Banahene has felt a calling to raise his voice against this environmental menace. Banahene is deeply involved in community awareness creation against galamsey. He tirelessly advocates for sustainable practices and environmental conservation, further cementing his commitment to social responsibility and civic engagement. Banahene has engaged 30 groups in 17 communities.

His advocacy, however, came at a cost. Banahene narrowly escaping a lynching attempt at Mporho in the Shama Ahanta West District on 7th July 2018 dut to his activism against galamsey. 8 illegal miners, attacked him and his associates claiming that he was not welcomed in the community because his actions affected their livelihood. They fled to safety with the help of a local taxi driver  Yet, undeterred, he remained steadfast in his commitment to the cause. 

For Banahene, advocating against illegal miners became more than a crusade; it became his calling—a testament to his unwavering dedication to making a difference, both in the business arena and in the broader community.

Beyond the confines of his consulting firm, Banahene's influence extended to the airwaves. As a frequent panelist on a popular radio show, he shared his expertise, educating businesses and the general public on best practices and strategies for success. His role as a business consultant transcended the traditional confines of office walls, shaping the narrative of entrepreneurship in his community.

Banahene's identity extends beyond the realm of business. A self-professed "business enthusiast," he is deeply passionate about the development of small enterprises and entrepreneurial skills. His engagement with small and medium business owners has fueled his desire to effect change, leading him to undertake extensive market research and explore new avenues for growth.

In his leisure time, Banahene finds solace in pursuits far removed from profit margins and market trends. A proficient swimmer, he has honed his skills through professional courses, finding respite in the tranquility of the water. His eclectic taste in music—from the soulful melodies of Dolly Parton, Nina Simon, Darius Rucker and Kojo Ankwi. 
Jerry Owusu Banahene is more than just a young CEO; he is a beacon of hope for small businesses in Ghana, a tireless advocate for environmental justice, and a visionary leader committed to driving change. His journey embodies the spirit of resilience, determination, and unwavering belief in the boundless possibilities of entrepreneurship in Africa.

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