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THE YCEO: African Youth Feel Comfortable Being Torn Between Two Forces

 By nature African youth feel comfortable being torn between two forces. Forces that really don't know about our existence. Forces that never care about us. We spend our energy, time and youthful exuberance discussing these forces at the detriment of our future.

Here in Ghana, politically, we are torn between the NDC and the NPP. Ghanaian youth would turn blind eyes and deaf ears to the malicious acts in the political party they hold allegiance to as they use hammer to kill mosquito in the other political party.

Doing politics is a good thing. As an Ewe adage goes, "Ame si ɖunu kpɔtɔ lae gblɔ dunya". This means politics is for those who have made it. You don't enter politics with debts. You enter politics with wealth.

In music, Ghanaian youth are torn between Shata Wale and Stonebwoy. They can insult the most sacred parts of their parents in defence of any of the singers they support. I always say that the amount of attention that our youth give to music threatens our generation.

In Church, one feels Mensah Otabil is greater than Duncan William and the vice versa. They never acknowledge the fact that Bishop Agyin Asare owns the largest church auditorium in Ghana, that he is a miracle worker owns a university and also doing well internationally. They never knew Bishop Dag Hewards Mills is winning the church planting war in Ghana and abroad.

This trend continues in almost all spheres of life. On our campuses, there are always two opposing halls blindly fighting each other.

I've been thinking there would be two major proponents of whether the youth should take their destinies into their own hands or wait on government. Seeing youths supporting government aiding their businesses doing well and those taking their destinies into their own hands thriving in their businesses would be the real fan.

Seeing two youth groups torn between crop farming and animal husbandry would be a nice thing.

Seeing both school goers and dropouts doing well in life would be a pleasure.

Let's be watchful of the forces that divide us. For they would not put meals on our tables. They would only leave us with regrets and gnashing of teeth at old age.

From where I stand, if the trend continues, our future would remain blur. If the youth continues to be torn on political, entertainment/music and religious lines leaving entrepreneurship, posterity will curse us. The choice is yours.

Writer: Edward Gbeti

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