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THE YCEO: How to grow your mindfulness?

For a normal human condition, mindfulness is a natural practice. Mindfulness makes you look at the bigger picture, cultivates clear comprehension, become aware of what you are doing and why, and helps you to transform your life.

Thus you need to put mindfulness of action into practice in order to develop a clear vision that why you are doing things and how you can become more aware of yourself. Following are the ways you can practice mindful leadership and develop mindfulness.

Create new categories:
In order to grow your mindfulness practice, you need to create new categories. This will help you to look at things in a better way. The experience gained throughout your life creates a belief system that you depend upon for the later life. But mindfulness through categorization helps you consider more options and give you new insights. When you create new categories, you challenge the stubborn belief systems and when you overcome the problems, it helps to transform your life for better.

Openness to new information:
Mindfulness can also be increased if you become open to new information. When you get used to the set of truths that you discover throughout your life, it becomes more helpful and assuring to hold on to the facts. It is because, in real life, most of the people do consider that they are open-minded but naturally shield themselves from information that doesn’t conform to what you want to believe. Therefore, just accepting the new information and believing in it can help a lot to grow your mindfulness.

Adding multiple perspectives:
According to experts, the adoption of more than one view and being mindfully open to those views can help you grow your mindfulness. When you embrace different views and observe them carefully, you see a more complete picture. It will help you explore different scenarios and prepare yourself for different futures by providing yourself a richer palette of options and possibilities.

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