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THE YCEO: From The Lens Of A Serial Entrepreneur Ekow Mensah on Midland Savings and Loan Saga

Just saw the video of the Midland Savings and Loans saga. It is truly unfortunate, disturbing and heart breaking that a woman with a baby can be treated this heartlessly by a law enforcement agent; a man who has no right what so ever to lay his hands on anyone thoughtless of a woman and with a baby.

That is barbaric indeed. We are gradually becoming heartless, cruel, lawless and insensitive towards one another with each passing day.

I once confronted a police on the circle highway when be stopped me one night to inspect my papers. He was hostile and I reminded him of an interview I had heard that morning from the police PRO saying that the police is our friend. He responded by saying that "the big men just sit on radio and talk by heart but they are on the ground and are responsible for enforcing the law" SMH

I commend whoever took the video and put it out. Without that person; this will have never come out and attracted the necessary public outcry to warrant attention and action. It's obvious the person is a staff from where the video started from.

Many will advocate for the company to be prosecuted; customers to avoid banking with them and probably shut down by BOG. Infact the impact of this will leave the institution never being the same again. But I weep for the entrepreneurs behind the company.  As an entrepreneur; I know how much work goes into setting up, running and building a company and when incidences like this occur, it affects you in many ways unimaginable.

Nonetheless, it tells the culture that exists in the company or maybe particularly that branch. It's certainly not that of empathy. Indeed when the foundation is weak, the probability of everything falling apart at the slightest hitch is extremely high.

Let's not be quick to stone lest we become as heartless as that 'unfit to serve excuse of a man' policeman at the centre of this saga. I am happy steps are being taken to adequately compensate this woman but let's learn the lessons my fellow entrepreneurs and take necessary steps to ensure that this or anything this inhumane never happens in our businesses.


By Ekow Mensah

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