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THE YCEO: 5 Secrets to achieve work-life balance

In 1986, the term work-life balance was coined because of the increasing concerns by individuals and organizations regarding work and the quality of life. It was considered that health, relationships, and all around well-being suffered by being in work and in daily contact with others. The term suggested that all work is not good for us and should be balanced in various ways. Work-life balance is a form of measure that helps people to control over when, where, and how they work.

People should be able to choose how much of their life they want to spend at work and how much on family and recreation. But a balance is often not achieved and one area of life starts to take over to the detriment of others.

The conflict between work and family life causes negative effects on the wellbeing of people. It does feel like an impossible feat but work-life balance can be achieved to find the balance that is right for you.

Following are the secrets of keeping this balance in check:

1. Let go of the perfectionist habit:
When you try to achieve perfection in anything, it stresses you out and disturbs your other responsibilities. The key to avoid this is to let go of the perfection you are trying to achieve. Develop a habit to strive for excellence and not perfection. This will help you free up time for most of the other important things that need attention.

2. Set boundaries:
For achieving a work-life balance, you need to set boundaries and stick to them. The advancements in technology have made an employee available all the time but have given rise to an unnecessary stress even once the job is done. Set boundaries for your working hours and do not take calls and emails related to work once you leave the office. This will help you not to fall in the pattern of working all the time.

3. Assess your daily activities:
You need to keep a track of your daily activities and then assess which ones are taking most of your time. Focus on the parts of the day where you are least productive. Cut the time on activities and people who do not add much to your life. Spend your valuable time on activities and people that are most important to you.

4. Give time to yourself  for a recharge:
In an effort to balance work and relationships, your stress and anxiety may increase. But if you do not take care of yourself, the situation will become worse. Therefore, take out time for you to do some exercise or go outside for a walk to become happy and relaxed.

5. Build a strong support system:
The individuals who are healthier and happier live their lives with a strong support system around them. When they need advice, they reach out to their network and humbly ask them for help.

With the increasing demands of life, it is easier to get trapped in an unbalanced dynamic. But it is not impossible to make adjustments to your routine and find the happy medium of your life.

Via: Forbes

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