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THE YCEO: Protect Your Peace

If I were to ask 100 people the definition of happiness I would probably get 100 different answers. But, if I were to ask 100 people if they want to be happy I would get only one. Happiness has a different meaning to each of us but still, it’s something that everyone wants to have. Everybody wants to be happy.

The relationship between your happiness and your peace is one that you must protect with all that’s within. Most don’t recognize that without peace there is no happiness. When worry, stress, and doubt are in the picture it’s hard to put a smile in your heart. See, we are often trying to fool others by placing a smile on our face to distract them from the frown in our heart and the way to keep a smile in our heart is to protect our peace.

I would love to tell you this is going to be an easy task but the truth is that it’s going to be difficult for most. You protect your peace through discernment and confrontation. Yes, I said discernment and confrontation. We need discernment so we can tell the difference between the people who are trying to hurt us and the people who are trying to help us. Once we have made the distinction between the two it is time for us to confront the people and the issues we need to confront. This might mean that you have to tell people not to come to your house or not to call your phone unless absolutely necessary. We often sacrifice our peace because we don’t want to confront others. And, when we refuse to confront people they tend to think it’s a license to do it again.

Take a look at your life right now. Who are the people in your life that are stressing you out? Sometimes, because of our relation to the person or persons, we cannot cut them out of our lives but we can address the situation. We can make sure they are completely aware of the red border lines surrounding our peace. With this being said, I pray that God gives you the ability to discern the intentions of those in your surroundings along with the boldness to confront what needs confronting. Always remember that making the decision to protect your peace is the same as making the decision to be happy. Do you want to be happy?

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