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THE YCEO: 5 Easy Things You Can Do to Be a Better Manager

How to be a better manager

So many books and articles have been published that focus on developing your skills as a manager. But just the description is way different than actually being a manager because it is quite challenging. For people, a true manager is the one whom they can reach in any organization and can have a personal, authentic, and one-to-one connection. It feels more pressured to be a good manager as researchers have indicated that employees don’t leave an organization, they actually leave managers.

So, following are the few steps that you can take in order to become a better manager:

Be on time:
For becoming a good manager you need to understand that working hard and meeting the deadlines is not just for employees. You, as a manager, need to demonstrate that you value the rules and also value your staff’s times as their own. For any meeting, show up fifteen minutes earlier and talk about the problems of your employees, their disappointments, and frustration. In this way, the employees will feel a lot better and will be pushed towards working better.

Care about employees:
When employees work hard for a company or an organization, they expect the senior authorities to care about them as well. According to experts, the important key engagements that are tied to worker’s performance are whether or not managers care about them. Employees who feel their company is concerned about their problems show better collaboration, commitment, and positive organization behavior.

Invite everyone to contribute:
According to researchers, one of the best practices of great managers is to build an effective team. By keeping respect in mind, a good manager invites everyone to contribute by speaking in meetings. You need to acknowledge everyone and make an eye contact to build trust through respect and recognition. When you notice someone has not been able to bring their opinion on front, invite them yourself and allow them to speak.

Spend time in orientation and onboarding of a new team member:
Many people consider orientation as a time to be spent outside rather than understanding the office. But as a good manager you need to invest time in making new members learn from how to use the copy machine to understand what people do, how they do it, and unwritten rules of the office culture.

Manage yourself:
According to experts, you cannot manage people better unless you understand yourself better. You need to have a better self-awareness than the rest of the people in hierarchy. You need to be aware of what you bring to your work, and how, and what others bring. Take out time to reflect on how you manage your work and what better things you can do to improve.

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