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THE YCEO: 4 Lies Your Hurt Has Been Telling You

Hurt is something that every one of us has experienced at some point in our lives. We can deny it if we want but the truth is that life punched us in our feelings and then sat back to watch to see how we will respond. Dealing with the initial blow was hard enough but the hurt also has the audacity to move into the back room of the mind. This is where it does the most damage.

No one is exempt from this but each of us gets to decide whether the hurt will stay there for five minutes, five hours, or five years of our lives. The longer we allow hurt to linger around in our mind the more damage it will do because it has a tendency of grabbing the microphone and preaching consistent messages of negativity. There are four lies hurt loves to tell.

It Will Never Leave
Hurt will always try to convince you that it will never leave and will always be a part of your life. It wants to give the appearance that you’ll always feel emotionally wounded no matter how much things change around you. Don’t fall into the trap of believing this lie. Convert those negative thoughts into positive ones by changing what you are listening to. If it’s not positive do not let it live in your mind. You can’t help what you hear but you have complete control over what you keep hearing. Positive vibes only!

Remember, the longer you allow your hurt to hold the microphone in your mind the harder it is to believe that things will get better.

No One Cares
Hurt often wants you to believe that no one cares about you. You are quick to believe it because you think that you are how you were treated. They did not think enough of you to treat you right and that message keeps playing over and over in your mind. How could they treat you like that? How could they have the audacity to say the hurtful things they said? These questions seem like they will not go away.

Let’s Throw A Party
Hurt loves it when we throw ourselves a party and there is no party like a pity party. Your feelings can get so wrapped up in the initial hurt that they do not want to leave. Every chance they get they will remind you of what happened. They want you to dwell in a constant state of the offense and feel sorry for yourself. You start to feel as though there is no life beyond the hurt.

God Does Not Care
This is the biggest and also the most effective lie. God confesses His love for us over and over in His word. Although you may know the word, it is easy to forget the word when feelings of hurt are clouding your mind. This is a classic trick of the enemy. The enemy is in cahoots with your feeling to get you to give up but it’s not going to work this time. Spend time in the word so you will easily be able to spot his attack on your mind. This is your responsibility and yours alone. God is rooting for you and I am praying for you. Remember not to let anything separate you from the love of God. That includes your feelings. Be blessed!


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