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THE YCEO: Rana Motors outdoors new Truck-Head to “Move The Nation”

Rana Motors, one of the leading automobile companies in Ghana and the authorised distributors of Ford cars in the country, has out-doored a new long haulage truck head onto the Ghanaian market.

The Ford Trucks 6×4 Tractor head (the 3543T) is the latest from Ford Trucks, made specifically to meet the demand on the Ghanaian market.

The 6×4 tractor head called the 3543T was launched at the Polo Grounds, near the Airport in Accra. All the various truck-heads, branded in the red, gold, green and black colours of Ghana were demonstrated to the audience. As a sign of its durability and reliability, one was driven from the northern part of Ghana to the launch venue in Accra, a distance of over 2,000 kilometers.

The Ford Trucks 6×4 Tractor head (the 3543T) is the latest from Ford Trucks, made specifically to meet the demand on the Ghanaian market. Ghana is the first country to launch it. Hitherto, the 4×2 had been the main axle configuration in the Ford Trucks tractor range.

The Ford Truck-Head
A truly competitive, viable and economical alternative to existing brands, the Ford Truck 6×4 tractor’s entry into the market has come at a very opportune time “Moving the Nation.” The desire and aspiration of both Government and private sector to channel resources to infrastructural development nation-wide resonates with Rana Motors’ goal of ensuring there is reliable and efficient means of haulage to all ends, no matter how far and how heavy.

The Ford 3543T offers comparable specifications such as 10mm 500 MPa strong steel chassis, twin clutch, powerful engine brake, 16-speed ZF transmission, day & sleeper cabs option and the ability to carry load up to 80-tons(GCW 80 Tons). The high front axle capacity increases durability of the vehicle and the high towing capacity allows transportation of the heaviest loads. It is powered by a 12.7 L engine with 430 PS to provide high traction in extreme conditions.

Generally, the 6×4 Tractor-head is a popular and preferred axle configuration mainly because a truck will need better grip for applications that takes the truck off good quality roads – such as construction and quarry sites; for delivering power to more tires and thereby producing better control and overall vehicle operation; and being ideal for long distance haulage. These and many more, the Ford 6×4 tractor (3543T) delivers.

Speaking at the launch, Kassem Odaymat, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Rana Motors said “This product was given birth to by a wonderful understanding between Ford Otosan and Rana Motors. The demand for the 6×4 tractor head became paramount and our principals Ford Otosan acceded to our request to produce this beautiful piece of equipment, the 3543T for us in Ghana and eventually across the world.”

He went on: “With the kind assistance of Ford Otosan, and our dedicated truck driver trainer, we have trained all our clients’ truck drivers on principles of safe driving and the like. On-site maintenance, break-down assistance with our 5 mobile workshops and repair services to Ford truck owners have received great commendation; patrons save money and time by this top notch technical support.

“Since we believe the 3543T tractor head to be a truly viable and economical alternative to the existing brands in the market, we thought it was more powerful not to say it, but to prove it. So the past month, we have been busy going around the country selecting companies to try out our demo truck with our truck driver trainer and tell it like it is.”

Eric Tetteh-Addison, a Director at the Ministry of Transport, who represented the Minister, explained that the government’s policy is to make Ghana a transport hub to create jobs. According to him, Rana Motors’ has demonstrated a model of local industrial growth in creating jobs for the Ghanaian people. He advised the company to ensure that the trucks are accompanied by the necessary spare parts so that when they break down, they could be easily repaired.

By: Anthony Sedzro

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