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THE YCEO: Ghana-Mexico Chamber launch website to boost trade

The bilateral trade relations between Ghana and the South American country of Mexico received a boost with the launch of a website for the Ghana-Mexico Business and Cultural Chamber.

The launch of the website for Ghana-Mexico Business and Cultural Chamber is to help boost the trade and commercial interests between the two countries. Mexico, which was one of the first South American countries to open an embassy in Ghana after Ghana attained independence, closed its embassy in the early 1980s. However, it reopened its embassy in Ghana in 2013 with a strong desire to boost ties between the two countries.

The launch of the website www.ghamexco.org took place on 1st March 2018 at the residence of the Mexican ambassador to Ghana, Her Excellency Maria de Los Angeles Aguirre Arriola. It had in attendance the members of the Ghana-Mexico Business and Cultural Chamber, staff of the Mexico embassy, Ghanaian business people, Mexicans living in Ghana, well-wishers of Mexico and journalists.

The development and launch of the website is aimed at serving as a platform for Ghanaian and Mexican companies to explore business and cultural opportunities. The key objectives are to identify and shepherd opportunities for the members of the Ghana-Mexico Chamber, promote the business interests of its members, as well as encourage the development and transfer of knowledge and technology between the two countries.

Launching the website, the Ambassador Maria Aguirre Arriola said Mexico and Ghana have been far geographically and economically and so efforts must be made to bring the two countries together politically and economically as strategic development partners.

“Mexico is the 13th biggest economy in the world and we are the main producers of many things and exporters in the agricultural and industrial sectors. So we believe that Mexico, with a similar history such as Ghana, is more sensitive to the realities of Ghana and can offer very important steps for the two countries to get together,” Ambassador Aguirre Arriola said.

She further added that in the last few years, two business delegations from Ghana have visited Mexico, and vice-versa, and it has led to the signing of key trade agreements between the two countries.

Ambassador Aguirre Arriola introduced to the attendees present one Mexican investor who has established a company in the Volta Region and employing some Ghanaians, as a demonstration of the fruits of the growing bilateral trade between the two countries. She thus said the launch of the website is meant to further strengthen these bilateral trade initiatives.

The President of the Ghana-Mexico Business and Cultural Chamber, Nii Sodza Laryea said “The aim is to identify opportunities that will bring the two countries together culturally and business wise. We are looking at targeting businesses and the key business people operating in the main business sectors we outlined, such as agriculture, manufacturing, food and beverage and so on.”

Nii Laryea also explained that, although Mexico is a Spanish-speaking country, the main business language there is English and almost all business people speak English so language will not be a barrier for Ghanaian companies who would want to do business with their Mexican counterparts.

Franklin Cudjoe is the Vice-President of the Ghana-Mexico Chamber. He is well-known in Ghana as the President of a leading think-thank, Imani Ghana. He explained why he decided to be involved with the chamber as an executive: “Because of the “thinking” we do, and where we sit, we know how things will play out. So, we think out the solutions for businesses. We see opportunities and we try to connect trade between our country and the rest of the world.”

“We understand the mechanics of the policy environment and we will be able to offer advice on how exactly business people should proceed in engaging with the rest of the world,” Cudjoe added.

The Ghana-Mexico Business and Cultural Chamber was launched in 2017 and it has membership categories comprising Gold membership and Platinum membership and each has its own unique benefits.

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