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THE Y'CEO: Go Naked

You need a space to occupy. You need somewhere to fit in, where you will be accepted and appreciated.

Life is about feeling valued, accepted and needed in a very high esteem, and these feelings can only come when you work yourself out for it. It's about believing so much in yourself and rekindling the can-do spirit in you, and going out for opportunities that are at your disposal.

One fact you have to come to understand as a dreamer is that, nobody will believe in your dream for you, you have to do that. Nobody knows how your dream is like; the steps, arrangement and the plan of it to be triggered, in order to believe soberly in it as you might do. You intend to get people believing in your dream when you have utilized and evaluated your dreams into reality.

That's when you get people who seem not to want you, wanting you. This is as a result of you working yourself out to be wanted. At the end of this piece you'd need to get some facts of life.

The beginning of everything is quite difficult, but if you pull ends together and say to yourself, "I can, and I will make it", then you are really on the journey to make it. Know that you're not the only one working on your dreams into reality. You'll definitely get support elsewhere.

But you would realize even the people who showed an interest in your dream can dump you at the call of their dream. This is to tell you, everyone only believes in his or her dream. I said in my "BE SPOKE LIVING" article that life is about dreaming each minute and making sure that those dreams wouldn't be dreams forever but they will come into reality. That's when the GO NAKED comes in.

I was privileged to attend a summit and one of the guest speakers for the program happened to be the CEO of Google Ghana. She said something and I want to share with you.

According to her, there was a job opportunity along the road on her journey. Her boss called her that there was a space in the company which needed to be occupied and was asking her if she could get someone to occupy the space. She said: "My boss wasn't even thinking of me as the best person to fill that position so I got home feeling so bad. Why? Because I felt I wasn't identified, but I got over it and said to myself that if my boss couldn't identify me as the best to suit the job then I have to prove it.

There is no way I am going to present someone else rather than myself. I had no experience about the position I saw myself taking in the few days ahead of me, but I went ‘naked’. I ignored the fact that I've got no experience and went for it and I had it."

This is to say that always make yourself available to be the best whenever opportunity comes your way.  Know that you can do it with or without experience. Go naked.

Forget about your weaknesses and go for whatever you want to go for.

Know that your story doesn't determine your journey rather, your journey determines your story. What's happening or might be happening in your journey is going to be that your story to motivate somebody to go beyond in life.

Go naked when the time arises. Share the story; both the good and bad of it all.

Share for the world to know what it takes to bring a dream into reality.

Only you can make you.

"Until your struggles become a motivation, say I don't give up" (AnnieJoy)

Go naked about your pain and make your dreams out of them!

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves. (William Shakespeare)


Writer: Annie~Joy

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