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THE YCEO: 25 customers get ’10-times richer’ in Fidelity Bank promo

Fidelity Bank has held its 5th draw of the 10x Richer Promo to reward five lucky customers at Koforidua, bringing the total number of customers rewarded in the Promo to 25.

All five lucky customers of the 5th draw had their coupon balance multiplied by ten, taking home a total of GHS 25, 000.00.

The 5th draw lucky winners are Haruna Bukari of Community 25 branch, Erica Brovi of Nkwakwa Post bank branch, Kyere Yeboah of Sunyani branch.

The rest are Larbika Ahmed Abbey of Accra Central Post bank branch and Daniel Kwaku Tetteh of Koforidua branch.

At a dinner held to announce the winners as well as show appreciation to customers in the Eastern region, the Deputy Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Mr Julian Kingsley Opuni, said, in the five monthly draws, the bank has disbursed GHS 125, 000 to 25 customers.

- Julian Kingsley Opuni, Deputy Managing Director, Fidelity Bank

“When we launched this Promo, we promised to make our customers richer and we have so far fulfilled that promise. One thing that is certain is that all our customers who saved for this promotion; whether they won or not, are still winners in their own way because they have saved and these monies could be used to cater for other pressing needs when the time comes,” Mr Opuni said.

Mr Opuni used the occasion to encourage all the winners and hopeful winners to continue saving with Fidelity Bank.

“If you have not participated nor won in any of the 5 monthly draws, there is no need to worry, you can participate in the grand draw in which the stakes are even higher. Three lucky customers of the Bank get to have their coupon balance multiplied by 10x10, with each winning a whooping GHS 50,000 totalling GHS 150,000.00,” he said.

He further noted that Fidelity Bank is committed to supporting individuals and businesses to grow because the Bank acknowledges that it wouldn’t be in business but for the success of its customers and businesses.

Fidelity’s Deputy Managing Director noted that one of the key focal areas for Fidelity Bank is to simplify banking for its customers through digitization. In this light, the Bank has revamped its electronic banking suite of products which include the Fidelity Mobile App, Fidelity Online, Fidelity POS amongst others to offer its customers seamless banking.

Fidelity Bank launched its 10x Richer Promo in June 2017, to show appreciation and reward loyal customers as Fidelity Bank marked its 10th-anniversary celebrations.

New customers are required to open a current or savings account with a minimum deposit of GHS 500 or multiples of it. The money must stay in the account for a minimum of one month or more to qualify for the draw.

Existing customers are also required to top up existing account balances with GHS 500 or multiples of it. The new funds must also stay in the account for a minimum of one month or more to qualify.

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