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THE YCEO: Telcos with no 4G licenses must work to acquire it January 13, 2018

Some telecom analysts have urged telcos without 4G licenses to work at securing it.

MTN, which is already operating the 4G network in Ghana, has conducted trials on its 5G network in South Africa.

The exercise is expected to quicken the pace of using the network’s internet services when successful.

With smart devices, the 5G network is estimated to operate at a speed that is thousands of times faster than on a 4G network.

This speed will be able to support high-quality video conferencing without buffering.

It is also estimated that the 5G network will have super speed internet browsing capacity with a clearer voice call.

Co-founder of Flippy Campus and technology analyst Amishadai Ofori, explained that the 5G network will definitely bring competition due to its numerous economic benefits.

He is optimistic telcos in Ghana will definitely jump onto the 5G wagon, else may lag behind.

“If the NCA comes up with specific rules that the Telcos can embrace 5G technology although they don’t have the 4G, I think it can be done. Telcos can always upgrade so they might have to make provisions to upgrade to 5G. They might have to step it up just a little bit to accommodate 4G and then just upgrade straight on to 5G”, he stated.

He, however, advised telcos yet to acquire the 4G licenses to do so quickly, since technology is advancing with innovation.

“I honestly think Telcos should be in 4G already because technology is moving too fast for us to be behind. If unfortunately they are not in 4G, I think it is a great challenge to them. This is a perfect time to know that you are already far behind and there is no waiting” he added.

On the role of government, Mr. Ofori was of the view that government must lead in providing the infrastructure to accommodate the change that is being witnessed in the telecom industry across the continent.

“The government should be ready to invest in it. It is not just having a private technology and that’s it. You have to put the necessary infrastructure down,” he said.

On his part, Telecom Analyst Fouad Chalabi stated that a lot of work must be done to usher in the 5G network.

“In order to use a certain technology and you use it efficiently, you need to have the necessity as well as devices in the market in order to benefit from the high speed of the technology” he explained.

By: Jessica Ayorkor Aryee/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana.

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