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THE YCEO: Entrepreneurs advised to consider networking to boost funding opportunities

First Ghanaian to be on Britain’s reality TV show, The Apprentice, Samuel Boateng, has advised young Ghanaian entrepreneurs to see networking as a way of breaking the barrier of funding in entrepreneurial development.

The lack of funds has been seen as a major setback for many entrepreneurs not only in Ghana but across the globe.

Speaking to JoyBusiness, Mr Boateng explained that networking with experienced stakeholders in the business sector can lead to funding opportunities.

He said, “Networking is key. You realise that a lot of people who do not have access to funding do not have the greatest networks.”

“It is important that you reach out to people doing good things in your sector. By getting knowledge from these people, you broaden your chances of getting funding through them,’’ he added.

Ever since his participation in ‘’the Apprentice’’ in 2016, the UK based Ghanaian has developed an interest in the growth of other young entrepreneurs.
Mr Boateng has begun a business mentorship program designed to link young entrepreneurs to mentors in several fields of the business world.

“Build and Master is to help young entrepreneurs to set up in business strategy, marketing, finance and law. I think these are the key areas where young people need to set up their businesses,’’ he explained.

Mr Boateng, together with his brother Andrew  are currently developing a networking app ‘’PEAR’’ which is to enhance networking between businesses across the globe.

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